professional training of switchgear design engineering​

Burraq Engineering solutions provides information on low-voltage switchgear, its types, applications, selection, and classes according to relevant standards. It deals with the definitions of MCCBs, Insulated Case Circuit Breakers, Circuit Breakers, and Fused Power Circuit Breakers. 

It also deals in various monitoring and protection packages. Low-voltage switchgear is a commonly used name for a low-voltage metal-enclosed or metal-sheathed switchgear designed for alternating current (AC) 600V and below. The metal-encased switchgear is completely encased in sheet metal on all sides and above and has stationary switching or breaking elements of the primary power circuit, or both, with buses and connections. 

The low-voltage metal-encased switchgear has removable circuit breakers that are located in individual earthed metal compartments. This 3 PDH online course is suitable for electrical engineers who want to understand the basics of low-voltage switchgear technology. 

Upon successful edition, engineers will have a solid understanding of low-voltage switchgear technology, overcurrent protection mechanism, selection and use of low-voltage equipment, life assessment of low-voltage circuit breakers, and reference to relevant international standards.

  • Switchgear fundamentals, Utility Power, Codes and Standards, Installation and
  • maintenance guidelines
  • Design introduction, Single Line Diagrams, Design basis & Review
  • Different types of Switchgear (Low voltage, MV & High Voltage), design specifications,
  • component configurations, Assembly
  • Components of switchgear: enclosures, conductors, switches, fuses, isolators,
  • interrupting chambers, circuit breakers, relays, interlocks, racking Operations, control
  • panels, lightning arrestors,
  • current transformers, potential transformers, instrument transformers and various
  • associated equipment
  • Mechanical & Electrical operations of switchgear, Switchboard inspections, Grounding
  • Practical Inspection and Maintenance of High voltage, Medium voltage and Low voltage
  • switchgear
  • Practical Assessment – switching procedures. Automatic Transfer Scheming, Interlocks,
  • Monitoring
  • Installation of different types of circuit breakers, Oil circuit breaker, Air Blast circuit
  • breaker, SF6 circuit breaker, Vacuum circuit breaker.
  • Service & Maintenance, safe operations and maintenance of switchgear and circuit
  • breakers
  • Safety Engineering, Guide to electrical safety, Regulations permit to work and safe

Professional Training Of Switchgear Design Engineering​​

  • Fee: 40,000
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Timing: 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM
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