Burraq Engineering Solutions offers Physical Engineering trainings in Lahore. Burraq Institute offers training on various engineering and project management and Primavera is one of them. They may provide PRIMAVERA training on how to use the software effectively, including how to plan and schedule projects, manage resources, and work with team members. The company may also offer certification or professional development courses for individuals who use Primavera in their work. 

Primavera p6 is a project management software developed by Oracle Corporation. It is commonly used for planning, scheduling, and, project management in construction, engineering, and other industries. It offers a range of features including resource management, cost management, and project collaboration tools. Primavera is available in both on-premises and cloud-based versions. Primavera training courses are courses that teach individuals how to use Primavera project management software effectively. These courses are typically aimed at project managers, designers, planners, and, other professionals who use Primavera in their work. Course content may vary from one training provider to another, but generally covers topics such as project planning, scheduling, resource management, cost control, and project collaboration. 

Course Details

Primavera P6 is a project management software developed by Oracle Corporation. It is widely used in various industries, especially in construction, engineering, and other project-intensive sectors, to plan, manage, and execute projects of all sizes. Primavera P6 helps organizations effectively manage resources, schedules, costs, and risks to ensure successful project outcomes.
Primavera P6, also known as Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, is a widely used project management software application designed for planning, managing, and executing large-scale projects across various industries. It is particularly popular in industries such as construction, engineering, oil and gas, manufacturing, and other sectors where complex project management is essential.
Primavera P6 is designed to assist project managers and teams in planning, executing, and monitoring projects with the goal of achieving project success within the defined scope, schedule, and budget. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to address the challenges and complexities associated with project management in various industries.

  • Overview of project management and scheduling
  • Introduction to Primavera P6 software and its capabilities
  • Understanding the interface and navigation
  • Creating a new project
  • Defining project information, calendars, and working hours
  • Setting up project codes and resource codes
  • Importance of a WBS in project management
  • Creating a hierarchical WBS in Primavera P6
  • Assigning WBS codes and descriptions
  • Understanding project activities and their attributes
  • Adding activities to the project
  • Defining activity details such as description, duration, and constraints
  • Types of activity relationships (finish-to-start, start-to-start, finish-to-finish, start-to-finish)
  • Creating logical relationships between activities
  • Setting lag and lead times
  • Performing forward and backward scheduling
  • Understanding critical path and float/slack
  • Analyzing the schedule and identifying critical activities
  • Defining resources (labor, material, equipment)
  • Assigning resources to activities
  • Resource leveling and resolving overallocations
  • Creating and saving a project baseline
  • Tracking progress and comparing actual vs. planned performance
  • Updating the schedule with actual data
  • Generating standard and custom reports
  • Using filters and layouts to customize views
  • Analyzing project performance and making informed decisions
  • Multiple project management and resource sharing
  • Advanced scheduling techniques
  • Global changes and maintaining data integrity
  • Integrating Primavera P6 with other project management tools
  • Collaborative features and sharing project data
  • Importing and exporting data to/from Primavera P6
  • Applying Primavera P6 concepts to real-world scenarios
  • Hands-on exercises for creating schedules, assigning resources, and tracking progres
  • Tips for effective project management using Primavera P6
  • Avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls


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